The Daily Grind: Which MMO would benefit from a character creator upgrade the most?

It’s a pity that World of Warcraft hasn’t really updated its character creation in a long time, because the game direly needs it. The fact that every single Night Elf has the same height and build is kind of shameful, and the only thing that makes it slightly better is the fact that it used to be even worse. But it’s still bad, especially when you consider that this is a wildly popular game with plenty of money to improve this.

Of course, it’s hardly alone in having a not-great character creator; Star Trek Online has long suffered from having only a couple of hairstyles that look good on any given race, while I’ve never been able to make a character I’m totally happy with in RIFT. So what do you think, dear readers? Which MMO would benefit from a character creator update the most? Is it an older game with a sadly out-of-date creation tool, or is it a newer game that could just offer more or better options?

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56 Comments on "The Daily Grind: Which MMO would benefit from a character creator upgrade the most?"

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Bango on Laurelin

Bless has a fantastic character customisation screen with about as many options as you’d want – and yet that doesn’t stop it being a travesty of a MMO. Similarly, Eve Online also has deep avatar customisation – and nearly all of the time in game you’re not even looking at those features. And WoW is still the top MMO despite having something from the early 2000s.

John Kiser

I don’t really ever include WoW in any metrics because it is just a perfect storm sorta situation and the character creator being “simple” really has nothing to do with it. First and foremost Blizzard already had a following for the Warcraft IP which is something no one else has ever really had in the MMORPG genre outside of Final Fantasy and Star Wars, but both SWG and FFXI were out when gaming was still just a thing for “nerds” or “geeks”.

WoW came out at this time period where gaming was hitting mainstream acceptance and more people were buying both computers and consoles heavily. It had an established IP people had heard of at least to some extent and a pre-existing fanbase due to it, it also had an advertising budget the likes of which no one has ever put into an MMORPG before it and kept this advertising up for a good long while (hell still ads on TV for battle of azeroth and see it online ads too). This helped them attract way more people to the game than they’d of otherwise been able to had they come out even just a year earlier, though over the years some of their design decisions have clearly had an impact on them being able to keep the numbers they once had.

Rolan Storm

SWTOR needs more body models or revamp into body builder.


I’m usually pretty happy if I can make a character that looks nice regardless of how many options there are. I’m always happy with the way my characters look in WoW even if they aren’t very unique from other players of the same race. More options would definitely be welcome though.
I would love LOTRO and EQ2 to get a complete overhaul. I have never been able to get a character I really enjoy looking at in either of those games.


WoW’s system is pretty bad. Thankfully I had my heart set on role-playing a shaved gorilla, so I was able to make it work.


DCUO….3 faces.

Kickstarter Donor

Holy crap, YES. DCUO’s character creator is so woefully lacking compared to CO and the gold standard, COH, that it’s just ridiculous.

Kickstarter Donor
Ville Uusitalo

On the other hand – the more sliders you have – the harder it is for basic pcs and servers to handle the load in group oriented stuff…

I vote for no sliders^_^

Bruno Brito

WoW is a great example. I think all mmos should have sliders nowadays.


I never had a problem with the old models in WoW and in most cases I actually prefer them to the new ones. I’ve never warmed to my demon hunter because it’s night elf / blood elf only and I hate the new models, and in fact most of my night elf characters I haven’t played in a long time precisely for this reason.

One game I’d really like to see an improved character creation option is Rift. I’ve yet to make a single character I’m happy with and it seems impossible to make a character who isn’t remarkably ugly or just plain weird-looking.

Toy Clown

Elder Scrolls Online. I enjoy the game, but just can’t get into my characters that much because the avatars look out of place for the gorgeous world. They stand like zombies and no matter how much you put into character creation, they come off as sort of blocky and their bodies are out-of-proportion.

Patreon Donor

I couldn’t have put it any better man. Yes, the world of Tamriel is indeed beautiful, but I always thought the player avatars were oddly unappealing. In fact I recall when I tried it my avatar had no shoes in the beginning, and omg! Bare feet in ESO are even more ghastly looking than they are in Star Trek Online, and that’s saying something. lol


While I don’t play it, I would have to say Sea of Thieves.

I don’t care much about lack of options, as long as I’m not prevented from choosing from the existing options (and the existing options are enough to make a character that is aesthetically pleasing for me). But having the options, even showing them to me, while preventing me from choosing them? That is really low.