PWE announces co-op survival shooter Remnant: From the Ashes


Perfect World has a new game up its sleeve: It’s called Remnant: From the Ashes, and it’s being built by Gunfire Games. It’s not exactly an MMO, but it’s at least multiplayer; PWE characterizes it as a “survival-action shooter featuring dynamic worlds, intense combat and strategic co-op” that “transports players to a bleak future where Earth has been overrun by extradimensional beings.”

Remnant: From the Ashes is a third-person survival-action game set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by mythical creatures. Players build characters to suit their individual playstyle and survive the perils of diverse and deadly environments, alone or alongside a team of up to three other players. The game offers unique, customizable gameplay experience filled with intense shooting, melee combat, gear and weapon crafting, character progression, deadly enemies, epic bosses and dynamically-generated levels that offer an infinite number of ways to explore.”

Launch is planned for 2019 and PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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FIGHT. ADAPT. OVERCOME. – Each world will present new challenges and perils to overcome. Throughout their journey, players will encounter dozens of monsters unique to each environment. Fight tooth-and-nail against creatures both big and small – from towering behemoths the size of buildings to countless hordes of small, deadly terrors. Adapt… or die trying.
EXPLORE FANTASTIC, TERRIFYING REALMS – Explore beautiful, dynamically-generated worlds – each with their own unique creatures and environmental challenges. Gain experience and adapt new strategies to survive the dangers of each world.
CRAFT. UPGRADE. SPECIALIZE. – Band together with others to improve chances of survival. Protect and befriend skilled tradesmen and offer them the safety of a home base. In turn, they will offer valuable skills and resources for upgrades, crafting and enhancements for weapons and gear.
STRENGTH IN NUMBERS – The Root are ruthless and deadly. To stand a chance, players will need help – they need a Team. In Remnant: From the Ashes, players can group with up to three other survivors. There are multiple hero archetypes to choose from, each designed with unique skills and advantages to help the group survive.

Source: Press release, official site. Cheers, Zariarn!
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Grave Knight

Tree apocalypse?

Patreon Donor
Loyal Patron

I like the premise, but need to know more about the gameplay before I decide on this one.

John Kiser

It sounds/looks potentially interesting. I just hope it doesn’t end up a huge microtransaction cash grab like some other PWE properties end up. Too many are semi P2W

Kickstarter Donor

Alright I guess. What’s with this sudden seeming explosion of L4D style co-op shooters? Seems like since Vermintide a bunch of the AA developers/publishers all want in on the action. Maybe I’m just noticing them more, but it feels like we’ve had a sudden influx after a long period where it was largely ignored.

And PWE seems to continue to be pivoting away from their low-budget MMO’s and towards more single/multiplayer games. Kinda interesting. Maybe the Sumpo Food Holdings company that owns them likes non-MMO’s? : P

If it’s actually third person like the CGI trailer implies, I’m down to potentially give it a go. Been wanting a proper third person version of these games. Nothing really stood out in that trailer, but I’ll wait for more info before judging.


Leaked image of final boss:


Looks boring AF.

Kickstarter Donor

The premise certainly seems appealing, but this is PWE were talking about.. i’ll wait until I hear about all the monetisation first, because you know it will be upto and out of the wazoo..

Geoffrey Smith

Sounds kinda like Fortnite mixed with Warframe?

That would get me interested.


Given my general disdain for humans can I play on the Root side?