Global Chat: Looking back at World of Warcraft’s Legion


Now that the next World of Warcraft expansion is almost upon us, it’s time to say farewell to Legion and all that that entails. MMO blog Leo’s Life took some time for a retrospective that examines the highs, lows, and patch rollout over the past two years.

“Aside from the penalties to alts, I think Legion delivered an amazing package,” he said. “The timing of content release was good, the content was relatively bug-free, the lore was solid, the flows inside each zone worked… it was all rather seamless.”

We’ve got plenty of additional MMO essays for you after the break, covering topics such as player housing, grouping, events, ageless MMO thrills, and more!

Parallel Context: Decorating and re-decorating

“I began wondering about MMO housing while I was trying to find out where a leak was coming from in the bathroom in our house. Specifically, I was wondering why MMO housing doesn’t incorporate repairs and maintenance into the ownership of an MMO house (and/or dimensional space). Sure, there’s the ‘monetary approximation’ of taxes, but nothing that says, ‘Hey, this broke, we need to fix it,’ or ‘this needs repainting.’ Before you say, “Well, that’s just too much of The Sims or something akin to Stardew Valley to incorporate into an MMO,” incorporating problems in a living space has appeared in RPG video games before: Baldur’s Gate II, to be precise.”

GamingSF: Pleased to see other players in ESO

“For the most part seeing other players around is a positive experience, the only real instance where there is competition, and thus a potential negative consequence, when meeting another player is when gathering crafting resource nodes since in ESO this is still competitive (compared to e.g. Guild Wars 2 or World of Warcraft).”

Inventory Full: Excuse me while I scorch the sky in EverQuest II

“Still, nothing wrong with lowering expectations. Under-promising means anything not terrible feels like a win and something halfway decent knocks it out of the park. That’s a lesson Daybreak Games seems to have taken very much to heart. With restricted resources and reduced ambitions, the small team working on EQ2 has apparently decided to make a virtue out of necessity. They’re making a pretty good fist of it, too.”

Content Creators Unlimited: Star Citizen Alpha 3.2

“Excitement abounds for Star Citizen Alpha 3.2. In addition to new ships, such as the first luxury yacht to roll out of the showroom, the Origin 600i, we have the first iteration of the mining mechanics. Quality-of-life improvements are also addressed with updates to the party system and quantum travel. Things are really heating up in development now, with many new game mechanics and professions slated to be introduced in 2018.” Traveling through Hyboria

“Some shots from AoC, traveling through the lands on my Necromancer who is now in her 30’s. I’ve been gone long enough that it is a learning experience all over again in many ways. The game is still modern enough to jump in and get back into things without feeling overwhelmed.”

MMO Bro: Five ageless MMO thrills

“I think at least part of the reason for this is that there’s something strangely addictive about creating a new character. Every time I start building a new avatar, my mind fills with the infinite possibilities of the adventures I might one day have with them. Each new character promises new experiences and new memories to be made.”

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Legion wasn’t bad but I feel like Blizzard is using tedious grinds more and more to try and space out their content. Everything is locked behind reputation grinds, and reputation grinds are limited because you can only do so many world quests a day. You are also forced to do only 1 type of content, in this case questing, over and over throughout most of the expansion. Why not let us get rep through the content each of us enjoy doing? I think world quests are a good idea, but they’re not THAT innovative and it feels like every good new addition Blizzard adds to the game always comes with plethora of restrictions and tediums.


Wow is good to play some months before the next expansion. You have all the content unlocked to play and enjoy. I stopped playing a month after legion release when I realise the ridiculous time gates in order to keep me subscribed.

I want to experience the game on my own pace. A wow patch drops… There is a new story/campaign only that… is 1 quest per week… there is also a new raid, but LFR will fully unlock in… 2 months.

No thanks. I subscribed to legion ~3 months ago and enjoyed all the content on my own pace! my sub ended ~2 weeks ago. I am gonna do the same for BFA too, I will sub a year+ later and enjoy all the content.

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Can’t wait to put my artifact weapons in the bank FOR GOOD. Mwahahaha.

Ok, seriously though. I still play Vanilla on a private server 999 x more than retail, but Legion was a good expansion.

Ben Stone

I think the biggest success of the expansion was the world quests and open tagging. While it died off towards the end of the expansion, it really made the world feel alive again.

Also Mythic+ was a great step forward in non-raid progression. Glad both will be kept moving forward into BFA. Now lets hope the PvP scene can improve this expansion.


And don’t forget the scaling. That was a game changer though heavily disputed. Anytime Blizz adds options I’m for it.

Agree Legion was hands down my favorite and most played expansion since MoP. Also agree it fell off progressively from 7.2 to 7.3.5. Broken Shore was a let down and Argus was a disappointment, but then again I’m not into the alien/sci-fi theme.

Loved Mythic+ more than I thought I would. I’m cautiously interested in BfA. I like what I’m hearing but need to see how it actually plays out.


I believe that Legion will be looked back on as WoW2.

Roger Melly

Only if there is never a successor to WoW and while that may not be anytime soon you can be certain that it will happen eventually .

Some things are inevitable you only have to look at Star Wars episode 7 to look at that .

I would hazard a guess that “WoW2” will come along when virtual reality improves and becomes mainstream in gaming . Maybe in 20 years or so from now .

Alex Js.
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Alex Js.

Not sure why would Blizzard (or anyone else) wait for VR to start making “WoW2″… VR does NOT make the in-game world bigger, all it does is create more immersion in a VERY limited circumstances, such as in-game socializing at certain dedicated “social” areas (similar to current VRchat) or controlling/piloting a vehicle/spaceship. Nobody would want to swing virtual sword for hours while grinding some reputation/XP/dungeons or run between cities using your real muscles ;-)

And if you’re talking about VR from some movies where you don’t actually physically move your arms/legs and control your character’s movement through the thoughts – I think we are farther than “20 years” from that ;-)


For me Legion is TBC 3, because of the demon theme, Watlords of Dreaenor being TBC 2, Battle for Azeroth for focusing on the main story is Vanilla 2, I’m expecting the next expansions to be WoTLK 2 which again focuses on The Scourge, also Cataclysm 2 that revamps the old world and Mysts of Pandaria 2, this time probably as Mysts of Murlocia where thet focus on some idiotic, gimmicky race that was always comic relief and make it into dramatic and serious playable race.

WoW is going in circles, I wonder when are people going to see that it’s stopped evolving for a long time and relies on gimmicky mechanics to convey the illusion that the game is “evolving”.