Multiplayer survival sandbox Outpost Zero hits Steam early access


The super pretty survivalbox Outpost Zero has planted roots in Steam’s early access program. It’s currently $15.99; tinyBuild and Symmetric Games say it’s a fully featured version of the game, though the devs are still working on more mechanics and balancing, particularly in regard to PvP and base raiding. The full launch is expected early next year.

“This Early Access version is a fully featured version of the game. Animals, Pirate Raids, PvP combat, Base Building, Corporations, and Bot AI are all implemented to create a full cohesive survival experience. We will continue to polish and improve these systems over the course of Early Access release. […] In the final version of the game we will be introducing many more powerful and fun Bot AI classes to craft, many additional Pirate Raid mechanics, Flying Vehicles, Massive Battle Mechs, several additional game modes (like horde mode and team vs team base defense), and of course a ton more content, from Equipment and Weapons, Structure types, Animal classes, and more.”

Massively OP’s MJ has been touring the game this summer as part of her deep-dive into multiple survival games for her ongoing column; you can check those streams out below, along with the official quickstart tutorial and trailer.

Source: Steam

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Cosmic Cleric

Give it more time to bake, guys and gals.

Kevin Smith

Game isn’t to bad right now. Does need some work. For a person just starting out the mob density is a little high. Things like crabs every 10 feet is a bit much. They still have to work out things like grass popping up thru foundations, need to stop the crashed ships from respawning at the same spot about every 3 mins or so, makes it to easy to get materials, etc… About the only complaint I have about the game is that it has a blurry or gritty look to it that you can’t really get rid of. It tired doing all the things the devs suggested about this and nothing really help. It is an issue a good many people have brought up already. Not sure if this is an engine issue or what but that is probably the only thing I would really give bad marks for.

Kickstarter Donor

Oh good, another paid-for unfinished survival game!


> Massive battle mechs

Okay now I’m interested enough to look further into the game.