Pokemon Go 2 Day Community Event for Eevee, tons of content this weekend and on the horizon


It looks as if the upcoming Pokemon Let’s Go games are affecting Pokemon Go once again. I doubt it’s a coincidence that the next Community Day Pokemon is Eevee, the second, non-Pikachu version of the upcoming Switch games. Even better, Niantic may finally be listening to players (including our staffers), as Community Day will be held on two days this time: August 11 and 12.

As some people have noticed, the text mentions that Eevee and its evolutions will receive a new move, in addition to the longer lures and bonus stardust for catching Pokemon. There’s just one problem: Umbreon, the Dark-type Eevee, can be obtained only through the naming trick during the day. Espeon and Umbreon are normally earned by walking an Eevee 10 kilometers or more and evolving it when it’s your buddy, but the time of day matters: It becomes Espeon during the day and Umbreon during the night. As Community Day is only three hours long and still seems to be during its usual hours (11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the west coast), that sounds like Umbreon won’t be available.

However, Niantic has been surprising players more. During the recent Community Day event for Squirtle, the company created event quests that granted the baby turtle sporting a pair of sunglasses as a reference to its beloved Squirt Squad form. Even better, the company created guaranteed shiny versions from particular stops, giving communities a reason to share information on where to get said shiny quests. It’s feasible that Niantic may do something similar for Umbreon, if it does not simply allow the move to be granted after the event through evolution.

Combined with this weekend’s Global Challenges and upcoming Zapdos raids, Lugia’s third return joining in on the weekend fun along with new Alola and shiny ‘mon, the final missing Gen 2-3 Pokemon being datamined, and Niantic dropping a huge tease that Generation 4 is coming, Niantic is really pushing to do better than last year’s mess.


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Community days are great! My local parks really fill up with PoGo players over the hours that they run and it feels like launch again with so many people playing. :)

Carl Robert

Thanks for covering this still. I’ve actually been giving up MMOs in favor of Pokemon go recently. It’s much more fun meeting people IRL to do raids than sitting at my computer. Plus I’ve suddenly discovered every park within a 10 mi radius because of this game :)

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Christopher Angeles

Pokemon Go has lots of problems, but I still play it every Community Day because it feels like a real game for a few hours. I’m glad they are making it more accessible for those that can’t get out on that exact time.