First Life is Feudal content update unites the worlds, introduces PvP arenas, and adds clergy and slavery

Bitbox recently released the first major content update for its medieval sandbox survival game Life is Feudal, and it brings with it a slew of new features, including the uniting of the game’s numerous worlds, a PvP arena, the slavery system (really), and the clergy system. And to celebrate the new update’s release, Bitbox is granting all players a set of “God’s Favor” currency, the total amount of which is valued at over $2 million US.

With the new united map, players can now travel “freely” (i.e., with subscription-based restrictions) between the game’s worlds as well as trade between worlds via trade posts. For those who want to test their combat prowess against other players, the update introduces new PvP arenas, which pit up to 20 players against one another in free-for-all battles, with the top three players in each match taking home prizes of coins and PvP ranking points.

Moreover, the most devout of players can now devote themselves to any of the game’s 12 deities and rise through the ranks of the clergy in hopes of becoming a Makthrid (cardinal) or even the Archimankur (pope), the latter of which grants the title-holder the power to propose edicts once per day, though the Archimankur’s edicts are subject to the approval of the Makthrids.

On top of that, players can now own slaves, which can be put to work gathering resources for their masters. Players can acquire slaves by controlling slave outposts (available only in red worlds), by purchasing them from other players, or even by capturing unconscious players themselves. Don’t worry, though; players who are enslaved by others don’t have to actually spend their in-game time doing menial labor. When a player is enslaved, the enslaver receives a slave in their inventory, while the enslaved simply receives the unchangeable “Enslaved” title for the next 48 hours, during which time they cannot be enslaved again. For all the details on the new features and systems introduced in the content update, you can check out the full post on the game’s official site.

Source: Press release, Life is Feudal official site
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