Blade & Soul’s False Idols update rebalances battlegrounds, dailies, and hard mode loot

Are ya ready for Blade & Soul’s next big thing? It’s called False Idols, and it’s bringing sweeping change to multiple game systems. Expect new buyable loot in hard mode dungeons, a soulstone rebalance to make them valuable again, updates to PvP battlegrounds to reduce the impact of disconnections, and multiple itemization tweaks. Dailies are also due for an update.

“We’re continuing to tweak the Daily and Weekly Challenge rewards following the changes introduced in the Blade & Soul: Eternal Night update,” says NCsoft. “Shifting the tradable materials from Weekly Challenge to Daily Challenge should make them more accessible to a wider range of players. The Daily Challenge Reward Chest now always contains 5 Gold, with a chance at additional Gold. The amount of tradable upgrade materials in the Daily Challenge Treasure Chest will be increased and the amount of tradable upgrade materials in the Weekly Challenge Treasure Chest will be decreased.”

NCsoft has previously deep-dived the two raids coming in False Idols; you can read about that in our post from last week, and you probably should, as MOP reader Rafael pointed out these particular “raids” are actually intended for non-raiders, with great drops but no grind or punishing mechanics. False Idols lands on July 25th.

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Thanks for the mention, MOP. :)

Most of the tweaks this week are definitely needed.

Dailies have been delivering poorly over the last few months and they are by default the most consistent source for mats, gold, and game currency. A boost is necessary and I’m glad they finally heard the player base.

But, it’s a bird feeder approach… The changes they describe seem to be going back to the previous Daily Challange rewards scheme that was changed just one or two patches ago. We will just have to wait and see if there is more to it.

Diminishing rewards from the Weekly Raid rewards will not go down well. Weeklies have been a good source of income and mats for raiders and non-raiders alike. These simplified and single boss “raids” are easy, quick, and an alternative to dailies for those that want to minimize the grind. I foresee many complaints about this change, and maybe even some departures. I don’t see how this will serve a wider range of players, to be honest.

As for the rest, it’s the same old, same old. Emphasis on hard modes will help keep some dungeons relevant, but really it is just a stop gap until we get the big content drop of the year.

In fact, all of these changes are really just prepping players for the huge swing in loot and gear that will drop with the next xpac type update that usually includes a new level cap and several chapters of story.

The big news from the coming update is the pet event and upgrade changes. Pets are important at end game because they augment stats and HP. The upcoming event will level the playing field by making it easier to obtain and upgrade pets. And that is a big win for the community as a whole.


Is this the one where they buff Frost Lyn Maste…I mean Force Masters?


Yes. There will be a few significant class updates. Frost Lyn Mast… err… Force Masters will get tuned up. :)




And for any of you wondering out there, no. I don’t work for NCsoft. But, I do follow what they do to Blade and Soul in Korea. And although we are always at least one major update behind, NCwest usually doesn’t deviate from any changes class or otherwise implemented by HQ.