Black Desert overhauls node and conquest wars, extends and buffs its summer events

It’s been a rocky morning for Black Desert, as its planned patch maintenance took a few extra hours and is currently causing some unresolved file corruption issues over on Steam, but the patch is indeed live. And it’s a bit of a mish-mash patch.

For starters, Kakao says it’s extending the Termian Waterpark and Mysteries of Summer events an extra week in the west as Pearl Abyss did in the east, with double rewards from the Waterpark during that time and reduced requirements for the Mysteries turn-ins. Wheeee! And don’t worry: If you did the events before today’s maintenance and the change in rewards/difficulty, you’ll be compensated appropriately too.

A new event is also kicking off today and running into August; players will be chopping down trees (and apparently performing other soft gathering skills) to collect Serbianca’s Vouchers, which they can then exchange for logs to construct the Epheria frigate.

Finally, as we’ve previously covered, Kakao is overhauling the game’s conquest war and node war system. If you care about territory warfare in Black Desert, you probably don’t need us to tell you to get a cup of coffee and get to work scouring these patch notes and their many charts – apparently it’s not just me who’s confused by the way they’re presented.

Source: Patch notes, event

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Run a quest to chop trees and the reward for chopping trees is logs? Why not just chop the trees. Or better yet LOWER THE LOG REQUIREMENT FOR THE RECIPE BECAUSE ITS F**** RIDICULOUS.

Roger Melly

Still waiting for a male ranged archer class . I have the game but I really don’t want to play a female elf and none of the other classes appeal to me .

Toy Clown

Not sure why it was extended. I mean, they made it easier to complete, but took away the really cool reward, the orange glowy title! I’ll just be down at the shore taking advantage of catching more octopi.


Grilled. Chicken.


Kickstarter Donor



To bad it has been down on Steam all day and they are still trying to figure out how to fix it after 4 failed patches : |