Chronicles of Elyria starts to pull its game systems together for a full-featured alpha


Chronicles of Elyria is starting to take all of the pieces that it has been crafting for its ambitious fantasy MMO and pull them together to make an actual game. The team announced that it is working hard on one of the most “critical releases” in Elyria’s development that is “all about breadth of functionality.”

“Release 0.4.0 is where we take the prototypes we’ve been working on over the last couple of years and begin integrating them into the code-base so that we have the game-play features of Alpha 1 (in some minimally viable way) all in one place,” the studio said. “By the time we exit 0.4.0, we will have iterated, in one way or another, on every major feature of Alpha 1.”

These features include refining the character skill system, improving crafting professions, iterating the combat system, building up the world and its biomes, and a new six-week event for this summer that will dictate some of the pre-history for the launch game.

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Robert Mann

Their crafting ideas, if they pan out, excite me. The rest of the game? I still feel like the nobility crowdfunding is going to result in a lot of pain, rage, ragequits, and drama.

Rick Mills

The lack of comments here is a bit telling…


If we cant talk about ANet and Jessica Price, we do not want to talk…

Dro Gul

It’s OK. It’s been about 2 weeks since their last sale. I am sure they will announce a new one tied into this 6 week event. It’s all about the benjamins