Digital Extremes’ retro permadeath MMO Survived By has entered closed beta


Digital Extremes has officially launched Survived By into closed beta today, accompanied by a hefty patch including a new 10-man raid, hardmode dungeons, UI buffs, and a graphics upgrade. The game was originally announced last August just ahead of PAX West; it’s basically a mash-up of an MMO and a retro bullet-hell style game. In fact, at the time DE was calling it a true MMORPG with up to 100 players per fight, plus permadeath and crafting and dungeons. The permadeath, by the way, is the type whereby your next toon is the character whom you’re “survived by” and who gets some of the benefits of your dead one’s experience. Oh, and the whole thing is free-to-play.

“To kick off the development milestone, Survived By will begin letting in more players who sign up for accounts on the game’s website, and will launch its first major event, dubbed Prophecies of Sin, for a limited time starting today July 18 and ending on July 25. Atop a giant ziggurat, players must summon a devastating new boss and coordinate their efforts to save the world. Only the most brazen will emerge victorious and earn never-before-seen exclusive event skins, gear and unique titles. Gather your friends now for a night of retro-style bullet hell bonding and madness as you protect the world from the Prophecies of Sin!”

We’ll be streaming the game tonight at 9 p.m. EDT for the first time since we took a peek a year ago, so tune into the Stream Team tonight, and in the meantime, get yourself signed up for the closed beta!

Source: Press release

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Nitpick: DE is the publisher. Human Head Studios is the developer.

Kevin McCaughey

Great to see permadeath as a feature at last!!! I have brought this very idea up for years on MOP, in my guild and previously on Massively. I was practically lynched each time. I think with the right associate dynamics it could be an amazing feature.


Looking forward to this! Thanks for the heads up for cb signup.

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This type of game doesn’t appeal to me personally at all, but making it to beta testing from launch in under a year is pretty damn impressive for an MMO.

I really hope it does well – we definitely need a more diverse ecosystem of MMOs before the inbreeding of ideas becomes terminal. ?


Might have to give this one a go.

I enjoy Realm of the Mad God for what it is, but mostly as a few day stint. This one seems like it *may* have a little bit more to pull me in, but we will see.