MapleStory 2’s second closed beta begins today; here’s a look at the founder packages


Nexon’s MapleStory 2 is barreling toward its western closed beta launch today, complete with new dungeons, quests, the market, and plenty of network stress testing on deck for this round of the test. In the meantime, the Korean gaming giant has begun selling founder packs as of yesterday. Curiously, the company says it’s selling only 20,000 founder packs during this leg of the test, and it looks as if that’s across all of the different tiers – presumably to limit access to the beta. “Once they are sold out, Founder’s Packs will not be resold until after Closed Beta 2 ends on August 1, 2018 10:00 AM PDT,” says the studio. So there’s that.

[AL:MS2]What are you looking at if you do buy in? The $24.99 tier includes a mount, title, hat, 30 days of sub, and 2000 currency; the $59.99 package includes all that plus an outfit, another month of sub, and another 3000 currency, for a total of 60 days and 5000 currency; and the $99.99 legendary package brings the total sub days to 90, grants a total of 9000 currency, and includes an emote and daily rewards, plus the other cosmetic trinkets from the lower tiers.

Worth noting is that you can upgrade to higher-tier packs during the beta even if they’re technically sold out. The currency (it’s called Blue Merets) is bundled such that $1 equals 100 currency, so no tricks there either. The premium sub itself is pretty sweet; it bestows experience and currency boosts, allows access to the remote bank, grants party buffs, and reduces some of the fees in the game world. And all of the packages get you into the closed beta starting today; server up should be at 1 p.m. EDT, and yes, it appears to be at least partly region-locked. Make sure you check your email before buying if you’re still on the fence, however, as some players are reporting that they’ve been accepted to this leg of beta without a box.

There is a bit of drama brewing at the start: During yesterday’s Nexon stream, game reps implied that Nexon was still unsure whether cash-shop items purchased with meret from the founder packs will be permanent items come launch, which has caused quite a dust-up on the forums and Reddit. Since then, Nexon America General Manager Jungsoo Lee tweeted that it’s some sort of misunderstanding.

“I don’t know where everyone got confused, but the cosmetics are all permanent. I need to check details but we are going to make clothes and cosmetic skins perm,” he said.

Source: Official site. Thanks, Matt!
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