ArcheAge’s July content update adds sport fishing, expands fresh start server content

Despite the slightly awkward name — “Phase 4: Reign, Part 1,” really, Trion? — this week’s ArcheAge content update is chock-full of fun for both fresh start servers and those on the well-worn shards.

Fresh start servers have increased the level cap to 55, finally received both the Dwarves and Warborn, and rolled out cars, boats, and farm freighters.

Players can attempt to tackle Mistsong, which the team says is “absolutely the hardest dungeon” in the game. Lots of risk, lots of gear rewards, you know the drill! The patch also updated the trade pack system, made some big gear updates, and fiddled with the Kraken. Fiddling only makes him upset, though.

Perhaps the most exciting addition is that of sport fishing. The revamped fishing system includes two different types of fishing rods, a higher spawn rate for schools of fish, and a lot of adjustments to the health and swimming patterns of various ocean critters. There’s even a new fishing contest that will take place every Saturday in the game.

Trion extended a special invitation for the next few weeks: “Visit Marianople or Austera between July 19 and August 2 with a character that’s level 30 or higher to meet with the Blue Salt Brotherhood’s artists, Vivalt and Mendelsson. Plus you can view OR purchase pieces of art made by ArcheAge players across the world! The pieces made by the finalists from North America and Europe, Korea, China, Russia, Japan, and Taiwan are all present and ready for YOU!”