Fractured’s Kickstarter stretch goals include a dungeon crawler inside an asteroid


Sitting at about 80% funded with under a week to go, Fractured’s Kickstarter campaign may come down to the wire in the end. Even so, the studio has unveiled its stretch goals that include both backer and monetary-based benefits.

The first stretch goal, which will be achieved at $127,581, will take players off of the fantasy worlds and into… asteroids? Indeed, the dev team has plans for a procedurally-generated dungeon set inside asteroids that contains monsters, riddles, stealth challenges, and crafting materials.

“The biggest reward of the Labyrinth?” the team posted. “Unique tokens that can be exchanged for weapon skins, armor skins, mount skins, pet companions and other cosmetic rewards — or used to boost the next Labyrinth challenge!”

Other stretch goals for the campaign toss in a Lich transformation, a baby dragon hatchling pet, a free month of VIP access for all backers, more character creation options, fishing, and animal taming.

Source: Fractured. Thanks Luvly!

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This game has enough unique about it that I hope funding is successful. I also very much like the dev team. They seem very open in terms of what to expect, including stating the game is 3 years out (with Alpha 1 in Dec 2018). Crossing my fingers for this one.

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That seems timely! Eliot’s top ten article where there were quite a few comments saying procedural dungeons should be more common, and voila!

I’m not sure I like the idea of wiping and losing everything – but it’s a clever idea to make sure that part of the balancing is done by the purchase of dungeon-specific gear/supplies. Again, I really hope they make it, and there’s a sudden rush at the end!