Star Wars: The Old Republic lists Season 9 ranked PvP rewards

And if I press it enough time, sometimes there's a story!
Grab that lightsaber or blaster and get to making war on your fellow player, because Star Wars: The Old Republic is about to finish off its current season of ranked PvP. The season will conclude on July 31st, at which time a rich bounty of rewards will be poured out on the heads of the best-of-the-best.

What rewards will be causing these cranial concussions, you ask? BioWare posted a list of the Season 9 Ranked PvP rewards, separated into different tiers based on a player’s final rating.

There are a lot of interesting but somewhat expected goodies here, such as battle flags, portrait flair, titles, frame decorations, and — most importantly — tokens. These tokens can be spent on desired rewards, so if you want your holo-rancor mount or stronghold trophies, you know where to go.

Source: SWTOR
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I’m never quite sure whether the continuing emphasis on PvP and group raid-like activities in Star Wars: The Old Republic is the result of publisher EA reducing the game’s budget and staff sufficiently that the devs can’t afford to create anything more ambitious — or whether, as some have suggested, the development heads are actually ardent PvP and raid fans, so that’s what they prioritize.

Meanwhile, I’m holding off re-subscribing to the game, myself, until they bring back adventure and storytelling. Basically, until some broad sense of Star Wars comes back to SWTOR.

My opinions, anyway,


Can’t it be both? ; )