Black Desert dives down into underwater dungeons

You know where’s a really great place to build a dungeon? Under the ocean. Sure, there’s the bends, flesh-rending sharks, and a severe lack of daylight with which to contend, but you can get some really great deals on real estate down there and won’t have to worry about sewage bills.

Black Desert is thinking along these lines with its brand-new underwater dungeons. Currently debuting this summer in Korea (and coming to a continent near you… sometime!), the trio of dungeons take players through aquatic-themed caves to (spoiler) fight bosses and gain loot.

Get a glimpse of the Mysteries of the Ocean update after the break and then plan on going swimsuit shopping soon afterward!

Source: MMO Culture

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Toy Clown

I’m incredibly excited for when this update comes to NA/EU. I fell in love with water content in ArcheAge, of which the game was a huge disappointment at NA release with the heavy P2W features, so I get rather giddy when Black Desert adds more and more seaside and ocean content. This summer has brought some of the most interesting content releases to BDO yet.


The part I like most about this is they didn’t just create one super mega end game place.

They created a 170 AP place, which is aimed at your beginner player who’s slowly venturing into the end game. They also added a 220 AP place, aimed at your end game player. Then on top of that they created a 280 AP place aimed for your extreme end player (much more common in KR/RU/etc than in NA/EU).

Always nice when devs are inclusive for everyone.

Yoshi Senpai

Do we know if it will be like savage rift where we queue and work and is straight pve or if it Is just part of the world.

I hope it is the former as the latter would just mean it will be camped by people who one combo 95% of the playerbase.


It’s just part of the world. You sail/swim out to specific islands, then swim down to pockets that become air once you enter them.