Fractured’s player city system is the evolution of Star Wars Galaxies


MMORPG sandbox Fractured has five days to secure another 16K to make its $116K Kickstarter goal – and it just broke the $100K barrier as I’m typing this sentence. Dynamight Studios has a big housing and town update out today that ought to give players a reason to push it over the edge.

“In Fractured, having a base of operation is something really desirable for all players,” says the studio. “As with all our features, we don’t want to exclude any part of our userbase from enjoying the game, and that’s why we’re giving everyone plenty of options on how to live their social life. In the system we’re building, lone wolves can claim their own lot of land outside of a town, where they can build a home, basic crafting stations, cultivations and livestock. More social players can instead band together and start a settlement, or join an existing one. The most ambitious players can become the elected leaders of a free town through politics, or autonomously rule one connected (and dedicated to) their guild.”

The devs are particularly focused on making towns that aren’t overcrowded or empty, allowing solo players to have homes but incentivizing citizenship, and avoiding the problem of key guilds controlling everything. To do that, Dynamight is planning a mixture of NPC- and player-governed towns and free areas, maintenance to keep the system dynamic, and governor elections – it looks a lot like Star Wars Galaxies, but definitely brought into the modern era.

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