Fractured’s Kickstarter has just fully funded; stay tuned for this afternoon’s Q&A livestream

We hunted ourselves.

As Fractured counts down the final two days of its Kickstarter campaign, it looks as though the indie MMO has pulled it off: Just a few minutes ago, it crossed its $117,410 goal.

Even better, several of the campaign’s stretch goals have been achieved to sweeten up pledge deals and hang on to that win, including baby dragon pets, wall trophies, and a free month of VIP membership for all backers.

To help stoke the fires of excitement and keep the campaign going strong across the finish line, the developer team is hosting a double Q&A livestream today and tomorrow on YouTube. Today’s livestream will cover fan questions on races and planets, while tomorrow will tackle housing and towns. Both livestreams will take place at 4:00 p.m. EDT.

Source: Fractured. Thanks Luvly!

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Hope this game becomes reality. I like everything I’ve read about it.


It’s nice that it’s been funded, though I hope it gets a big boost these last few days so that more stretch goals get reached.

I’m surprised that it’s only over the “barely funded” line considering how cool it looks to be. Is it just not that well known? Do people not understand what they’re doing? Do people not trust Kickstarter promises as much anymore? Do the deeper systems confuse today’s gamers?

It seems so interesting to me. I guess I’ll watch the last few days to see how it does and hope that it picks up more steam. It’s funded already but it would be really good to see more of those stretch goals get in there.


I don’t believe it’s too complicated or confusing for today’s gamers. I think people are burnt out on Kickstarters in general, and sandbox PvP MMOs specifically. While it looks interesting, we’ve seen so many sandbox pvp games come and go that it’s hard to be excited for yet another one. If it releases in a reasonable timeframe and in a good state, I’d be willing to pay, but not before that point.


Also really into this game and what it could be, but I’m not supporting something this early. Last I did so with was CU and thank god it’s coming around nicely at this point.

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I am really into this game. However, I’m done kickstarting games. I’ll put money towards a game when it’s actually out. Burned out on KS in general.