The Cycle is a PvEvP ‘shooter with a twist’ that bucks the battle royale trend


Berlin-based studio YAGER recently took the wraps off The Cycle, a “first-person shooter with a twist” that somehow looks a lot like a survival sandbox with Fortnite’s graphics and some of Monster Hunter World’s and The Division’s mechanics, but with some persistence between matches.

The Cycle is match based FPS where players complete quests while making and breaking temporary alliances. Anyone can attack anyone, and anyone can ally with anyone. In The Cycle the explored galaxy is controlled by massive Factions, but the mysterious outer reaches are still up for grabs. In their race to control these frontier resources, the Factions need contractors to do their dirty work. You are one of these contractors, competing for objectives such as collecting minerals or hunting wildlife while being careful to avoid or take down the competition.”

Kotaku UK’s interview with YAGER sheds more light on some of The Cycle’s more unusual mechanics, such as the fact that evacuation from the planet is just as important as everything else and that it’s aiming for a PvEvP scenario. And while it’s not a battle royale and has plenty of PvE ways to “win,” the devs do say they’re hoping to use matchmaking to put the shoot-first-ask-questions-later types together away from more cooperatively minded hunters.

Expect 20 players per match and a closed alpha for PC beginning soon (consoles may happen “at a later date”). The team says it’s “feature complete for alpha” already.

Source: Steam, official site, Kotaku UK. Thanks, Kinya!

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Robert Mann

PvPvE generally means “Please come try to PvE here so other people can murder you.”

The matchmaking… might work to some extent. I still do not believe we have seen a system that is anywhere near aggressive enough toward attacking people who are not part of a war party from an opposing faction to make such a content type work. (Aka, the whole thing with consequences for assaulting random players is so low that it just doesn’t fly, and there is literally no reason to join in as a target unless you want the PvP.)


That sounds like a recipe for disaster. Trying to mash all those mechanics together is a clusterfuck.

Reminds me of Hunt: Showdown a similar PVP/PVE game that turned out to be dogshit.

peor togs

Sounds like a great mix! Excited to see how this plays out.


PvEvP = DoA, this never ends well.


have we now reached the point where new games have to announce that they’re not a battle royale?