Time to go shopping and make friends in retro-sandbox Staxel’s latest update


Ah heck, as I started writing this post, I remembered I defied my “no early access” rule and bought this game on the Steam sale a month ago and have yet to play it! The game in question here is Staxel, which I can’t really describe better than I did the last time: It’s “cross between Stardew Valley and Trove, with sandboxy content that’s more focused on farming, fishing, and growing a village than on being a murder hobo.” And just ahead of the weekend, studio Plukit pushed out what it’s calling “the friendship update.” The update centers on buffing up the NPCs with better AI, dialogue, and relationships.

“Along with all their new dialogue, the villagers’ daily behaviour has been upgraded too. You might find villagers doing more day-to-day activities like shopping in the local store, or having conversations with each other. […] Villagers each have special ‘Friendship quests’ for you to complete, if you choose to. I certainly don’t want to spoil the fun by going into detail here, but I will say you’ll really be seeing your neighbors’ personalities come out with this update. Each villager’s quests are unique to them, so by helping out you’ll learn more about them and build a stronger relationship to boot!”

Plukit also says it’s added a Springtime festival as well as “new outfits, accessories, furniture pieces, toys, and even new pets.” There are new pics and a video down below!

Source: Steam, blog

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It’s a great, relaxing game. I’ve already put 40 hours into it since buying it on the Steam sale.