World of Warcraft: Mexican wrestling, movie cuts, and Battle for Azeroth story spoilers

Baby, it's cold outside.

There is just no way to smoothly mesh this Frankenstein assortment of World of Warcraft stories together, so hang tight — abrupt transitions ahead.

Why not start with the “of course, that makes perfect sense” account of Blizzard sponsoring a Horde vs. Alliance Lucha Libre AAA Mexican wrestling battle this past weekend? Around 10 or so wrestlers fought for either the red or the blue side that was broadcast over Twitch. The winners? Everyone who watched.

As Battle for Azeroth approaches in a few short weeks, there is plenty of opportunity to be completely spoiled with the story if you so desire. Icy Veins has compiled both the Alliance and Horde cutscenes (although the videos are missing some clips that haven’t been included in the beta yet), and you know, if you don’t mind spoiling the story, you can go watch them.

Then if we’re going back in time to talk about the Warcraft movie — why not? — Director Duncan Jones shared some of the cut scenes from the movie on Twitter this past week. These clips include a removed Troll invasion of Stormwind, perhaps to go kill all the auctioneers so that Alliance toons couldn’t post their goods.

Source: Wowhead, Medio Tiempo, Icy Veins
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