Bless Online’s new video series discusses new staff and PvP balance after server merges


If you hate video updates, you’re probably not going to love Bless Online’s new plan for reaching the community, but at least this one’s short: Yes, Neowiz has posted a video from its community manager this morning promising more videos on a biweekly basis, so this is a thing that is happening. In this first episode, Penta says that Neowiz has expanded its team size, making good on its promise to bolster customer service and bringing on a new community staffer to manage the emissary program, which itself is apparently undergoing some overhauling.

Neowiz is also aware of the Discord community’s panic over the state of the game once Bless has merged its servers down; the studio promises it’s taking into account realm balance for PvP for those consolidations. And finally, the company is bumping up drop rates from bosses in some of the normal dungeons.

Do note that these new videos are not taking the place of the existing producer letters; Neowiz reminded us specifically that the written communication players are already accustomed to will continue on. Oh, and just in case you were tempted: Don’t read the YouTube comments.

Source: YouTube

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Youch. I didn’t even last a minute. Waaay too much effort to try and understand what that guy was saying.


Bless itself is a great concept and it can be a great game but as it stands it just lacks to many things to keep people their interest. Early Access was a mistake they better did open beta’s to test parts of the game bit by bit.

The video itself just feels off I can’t put my finger on it. Bless has everything to be a great mmo and then again so did Archeage. Archeage is beyond repair but Bless can still do many things right and turn it around.

– Make a clear roadmap for the next 6 months
– Test server for people to try out new content (make it free) during the test period)
– Do free login campaigns to let people try the game before buying during a patch (free weekend or so)
– Do weekly community videos, weekly Q&A with the community

These are just a few things that could make your community feel more involved and give people the chance of trying out the game during a fix period. It also could bring back a lot of players.

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That had about as much depth as a mild 2-minute rainshower. Nice dimples, though. >_>;

Edit: Just took a look at the comments. Sounds like this guy should not have a job, even if the game had a community.

Vincent Clark

Yeah…so this guy in the video…whatever he is smoking, I want some :)


This shows how clueless and out of touch Neowiz is when they have this guy as their talking head for these community videos. There is a reason why the Youtube comment section is the way it is given how this piece of work is one of the most unprofessional CMs around.