Monster Hunter World is running a championship event this weekend

One of the core parts of Monster Hunter World (and every title in the franchise) is that it usually doesn’t matter how you take the monsters down so long as you do so. Even a slow takedown is a good one. But when the championship event for the title starts on July 28th, the rules are different, as groups of players will compete to take down monsters faster than anyone else. It’s a real test of skill to pit players against beasts not just to defeat them, but to do it quickly. And with panache, if possible.

Registration for the tournament is open until July 26th, but the event is being held in San Francisco, so odds are that you probably should already be prepared if you want to take it on. (It’s not really a weekend jaunt sort of thing.) The winners will get to represent the US in the finals at the Tokyo Game Show as well as a trophy and themed watches, so best of luck to the participants trying to bag a big monster efficiently.

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Couple friends can’t stop taking about this game, but none of them had played it yet, so I don’t understand all the hype for it. What is so new or different?

Brandon Dempsey

mostly the fact that this is the first Monster Hunter on PC and they polished alot of tedious mechanics from the older iterations


Hmmm ok, but what makes Monster Hunter a big deal? I mean why is it so popular? My understanding is that it’s basically a lobby based game, without much in the way of storyline etc. That takes wow style raid’s bosses, and pits 4 man groups against them, with a steep gear treadmill.

Am I missing something with that assessment? This is just me looking in from the outside, knowing very little other than what’s been told to me. If that assessment is fair, I guess I don’t see the allure.

Brandon Dempsey

it’s a very rewarding game WoW raiding is a good comparison it feels good to learn the monsters and defeat them and progression is good there is alot of gear in the game game is about making self goals not really following a story not alot of games give you this feeling of progression


Ok thank you for the response :)

Kickstarter Donor

A question for anyone playing Monster Hunter World who feels like answering:

What is the gameplay like here? I’ve heard that it’s mostly like Raiding in MMORPGs, where large bands of players need to band together on the regular to take down monsters.

Is there anything else to this game? Is there any kind of story? Missions/quests? Or does it mostly play out as large-group Players-Versus-Big-Monster fights for XP and loot?

I saw some of the game’s pre-release promo, but what I saw paid a lot of attention to how nice the art looks, and to the game’s lore — I never saw much about how the game plays in the day-to-day.

It’s entirely possible I just missed that part of the promotional stuff.

Thanks to anyone who offers an answer.


Tim O'Donnell

Eh, I guess it’s like MMO raiding in the sense that the monster hunts typically take 10-20 minutes and each monster has a set of unique moves that you’ll need to anticipate and react to. But you’re hunting these monsters either solo or with up to 3 friends max. The world isn’t persistent, so you’re not running into other players while you’re on your hunt. And you’re not in a large group of players. So overall, I really wouldn’t liken it to MMO raiding at all.

There is a story, and it does a good job of introducing you to all the different aspects of the game (which are extensive). I’m about 40 hours into the game, and I’m guessing I have another 20 hours or so of “story” left. I’m sure others can blast through it in half the time, but I’m taking it pretty casually and grinding some missions to craft gear and play with different weapons.

There are plenty of optional quests which unlock additional features/items in your town hub. You can go out on an “investigation”, which is like a quest but can be run multiple times, to hunt/capture/slay a particular monster in a limited amount of time (usually 15-50 minutes) and rewards random crafting materials for successful completion. You can take up arena missions, which pits you against the monster(s) in an small arena style setting. There are frequently special limited-time events as well, which offer missions to collect unique armor sets and items. Lots of crossovers from other games, e.g. Horizon Zero Dawn, Megaman, Final Fantasy just to name a few. And you can always just go out into the world with no set agenda to do some gathering or hunt whatever you want at your own pace.

The campaign is really just the tip of the iceberg as I understand it. People spend hundreds of hours in the end game, which is all about grinding high level monsters to craft high level gear and socket them with different jewels to provide bonuses to different skills and bonuses. The crafting system is quite extensive. There are probably 100 different armor sets, each comprised of 5 different pieces (helm, body, gloves, legs, boots). And each weapon has an upgrade tree comprised of dozens of nodes, each with its own specialty and unique attributes. So you can “build” your character is a huge number of different ways to best match up against the monster you’re facing.

In the end, this game is a giant grind for gear after you’re done the campaign. The core gameplay loop is going on missions to grind for monster parts and jewels to craft new armor/weapons. You can do this solo or by joining/inviting others randoms in game. There’s a lot of replayability, imho, by trying different weapons which can drastically change the way you approach hunts. If that sounds fun to you, this game will provide you a ton of bang for your buck.

Brandon Dempsey

Is this being streamed on Twitch?