Occupy White Walls is heading to Steam


Good news for cans of art curation, strange MMOs, or early access titles in general. The singularly unusual MMO Occupy White Walls is on its way to Steam in the near future, with release currently planned for August. Of course, that date might get pushed back a bit, but it’ll be an early access title on Steam soon enough. This comes along with a major performance buff for the game, as the developers noticed that it got bogged down as things became more elaborate.

The Steam patch will also include new running and jumping features along with a reworked economy system for the game. You’re advised to add the game to your wishlist and keep your eyes open as it moves closer to release; a firmer date will be announced once the developers have nailed it down. If you like seeing quirky weird games crop up, this will be something to keep your eyes on.


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Bhagpuss Bhagpuss

Thoroughly recommend this one. I wouldn’t exactly call it a game but it’s a compulsive and fascinating entertainment. Anyone who’s enjoyed building and decorating in MMOs with strong housing options is going to find plenty to “occupy” them here. Going to be interesting to see what the wider Steam audience makes of it.

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Rees Racer

The easiest way to describe myself (with a bit of self-deprecation), is a dilettante of the arts.
My sister is an actual art-critic (just voted best in the large city where she lives), and is married to a prominent British artist herself.

I’ve seen a LOT of art around the world over the years, but I won’t pretend to know how this “game” is going to wreak havoc in my spotty brain were I to actually have a go. And of course I will.

I’m certain after a few hours, I’ll have to resort to stabby behaviour with daggers in a fantasy MMORPG, or perhaps guns in Warframe might be the better remedy for frustration when I realise I’ve no idea what I’m doing. ;)

Jeffery Witman

Been following this one closely. Their Discord community is great. The stability improvements are needed and I can’t wait to see them.

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Good news for cans of art curation