PlanetSide 2 is testing a patch with some potential big backend bugs

We don't know which one to shoot.

The next patch for PlanetSide 2 is up for testing now, and it doesn’t have a huge list of changes… but you may want to test it anyway. Why? Well, as the patch notes start, the development team has made some big changes to how factions work, how the game identifies enemies and allies, and the overall scripting pipeline. That shouldn’t result in any changes on the player end, it should be invisible under-the-hood stuff. But it has the potential to cause issues in a major way, which means it’s best to test that out now.

Of course, that’s not to say nothing else is going on with the patch; there are adjustments to several implants as well as balance shifts for the LA7 Buzzard (making it easier to use) and the T2 Striker (which can no longer fire at targets too far away to actually be seen). Check out the full list of changes and earmark some time to see how they affect the game.

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