Blade & Soul’s False Idols update brings new raids, better subscription benefits

Once the servers come back up today, Blade & Soul is going to have a lot to offer its fans thanks to the new False Idols content update.

The core of the patch is undoubtedly a pair of 12-player raids called Hall of the Keeper and Hall of the Templar. These challenging instances are recommended for at least level 55 characters and contain one boss each that holds a lot of desirable loot apiece. The update also beefs up the benefits for premium memberships and makes a ton of changes to core items and systems.

Players looking for a little more light-hearted fun can jump into the Fortune Falls event that’s running through August 15th. “Challenge Kegleg Jeg and his Ploggles in Fortune Falls,” NCsoft invited, “and then fish up some surprises in Jadestone Village. This event gives players a chance to upgrade their Fleeting Pet Aura to exchange for rewards, including a permanent Awakened Hongmoon Pet Aura!”

Source: Blade & Soul

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