Boundless dares to escape early access and launch this September with full crossplay capabilities


How about news of an MMORPG launching here in the austere year of 2018? That’s a pretty good way to pump up a day of an MMO fan, which is why we’re excited to bring you word that Boundless — formerly Oort Online — is going to be venturing out of early access and into a full-fledged launch on September 11th.

And here’s some more good news for this slightly bizarre sandbox: “We’re pleased to confirm that whether you’re playing Boundless on PC, Mac, or PlayStation 4, you’ll be sharing the same universe. This was always the plan and ambition from the project’s inception, and this launch will make it a reality.”

A full world wipe for the beta is coming some time in mid-August. The release will hit both PC and PlayStation 4 at the same time. Square Enix Collection is going to be publishing it on the PC, while the title will be self-published by the studio for the PS4. The title will retail for $40 for the standard edition and $60 for the digital deluxe version.

Source: Boundless

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IronSalamander8 .

I bought into this early when it was OORT. I still login everyday to keep my purple stone keep active but I had no idea they felt it was ready for launch, especially so soon. I kind of hope they wipe the servers at least 1 more time before launch as they changed some things quite drastically since I started playing it again over the last Xmas holiday period.

It’s a decent enough game. I don’t see many other players around though. They’re there, I find some nice structures in my travels that took some serious effort to make but I never meet them!