PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds details a five-year plan for e-sports

Bad taste?

Does it fill you with warm, fuzzy feelings to know that there’s a nice long-term plan for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to chase that sweet e-sports revenue? Quite possibly not, but that’s still a thing that’s happening. The game recently unveiled its five-year plan for competitive gaming within the game, with professional leagues rolling out for China, Korea, Europe, and the US in 2019. The region-based leagues will be substituting for the “franchise” structure found in the much-publicized Overwatch league.

More details on league ownership will be revealed later this year, and the developers have stressed that e-sports are not meant to be used as a marketing tool. The focus is also on making the game a more “serious” competitive option, unlike the e-sports offerings of its biggest competitor; we’ll see how that works out in the long-term for the game and its fans.


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Sally Bowls

I know a number of the writers and commenters throw “show me on the doll where pubg touched you” levels of shade on pubg. But it is ahead of fortnite in June, its 87,000,000 daily users have to be 1000% of all non-wow mmos combined seems likely its $700m is bigger

‘PUBG’ Hits 400 Million Players, Celebrates With First Ever Steam Sale

More than 227 million people log in monthly to play the game, the developer added. Over 50 million copies have been sold across PC and Xbox One,


Much has been written about the demise of PUBG’s playerbase from its peak earlier this year, but the game actually enjoyed its second best-selling month in terms of units in June following October last year.

That’s according to research from SuperData that shows that 4.7m copies of the hit battle royale game were shifted during the last month. That’s due to the game getting its first ever price cut in the Steam Summer Sale.

That helped the title return to the Top Ten digital PC games by revenue, sliding into third place ahead of CrossFire and Fortnite.

Danny Smith

I needed a good laugh.

Logan Kellum

lol they assume the already dying game will be around in 5 years??

Bryan Correll


Guess we’ll see how it goes. Kind of hard not to be skeptical about a league system for a Battle Royale though, because I don’t think that a team-based league like LoL/OWL/CSGO/etc. will really work for a BR. But maybe they’ll prove otherwise.

Kickstarter Donor

A five year plan, you say?

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