RIFT opens the River of Souls raid for progression players

We're not dead yet.
Another day, another step forward for RIFT’s progression server. Players on the Prime shard have another challenge to fill their current endgame time, as the River of Souls raid has opened up for exploration and conquest.

“The 20-man raid, River of Souls is now open!” Trion Worlds announced. “Prevent Alsbeth the Discordant’s plans to reanimate the most powerful souls to fight in the army of Regulos.”

River of Souls originally was introduced to the game as part of a world event in March 2011’s Update 1.1. Players might recall that this first world event didn’t go as great as anyone had hoped, generating no small amount of controversy at the time.

Source: RIFT. Thanks Anon!
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I don’t remember any real controversy the first time around. It’s been a long while though. What I remember is just how dark and purple that dungeon was. I don’t think there was any one fight of it that I actually enjoyed.

Malcolm Swoboda

I didn’t even see an achievements list.