Riders of Icarus’s Dawn of the Magician update is live with a new class and events


Guess what’s up from maintenance with a hefty update today? It’s Nexon’s Riders of Icarus, and the patch is called Dawn of the Magician, chiefly because – drumroll – you’re getting the new Magician class. The patch notes have the whole chart of new class skills, but it’s going to look familiar to fans of mages everywhere: Expect chaos, lightning, light, and dark pew pew to define your arcane powers rather than elemental or nature magic.

To kick off the launch of the new class, Nexon is also launching an event for everyone dubbed Race to Glory. The word “grind” is used five times in these patch notes in a positive way, mind you, and it’s basically what the event is about: Over the next month, players will be participating in five races for prizes, everything from speed-leveling your new Magician to murdering 100 of them in duels and PvP. Or dying to them, if that’s more your speed.

It’s all live in game right now.


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Castagere Shaikura

If your into mounts and pets give it a go. But know its one of those games that give you a small amount of bag space. It fills you up with useless crap that are bound to you so you can’t sell any of it. Trying to force you to buy bags all the time and i hate scams like that.


Do those pigtails come in pink? o.O

Nick Smith

Does anyone play? Ive been meaning to try it out. I cant believe its been two years since it released in the west.

Kevin Németh

They already stopped development once (thought they recently restarted it) which doesn’t really inspire confidence sadly. But who knows maybe I should give it a try, I always loved this video about the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAizQKCB1Dw