StarCraft II celebrates its anniversary with portraits and base celebration

So perhaps some clothes?

It’s been eight years since the launch of StarCraft II, which is cause for celebration due to the… amazing competitive gaming moments? That’s what the anniversary announcement opens off with, and there’s nary a mention of story or characters or game mechanics or anything else. Eh, celebrate the competition, we suppose. You can do just that by logging into play before July 30th to get a cake-based portrait in the game. Celebratory!

The game itself is also doubling experience gains in co-op mode as well as in single Versus matches, so you can level up there if you’re so inclined. Last but not least, the home base structures of each race will be flying anniversary banners during the event, just as a little extra celebration. That has no in-game effect, although it will look bafflingly ironic if your base is being blown to pieces while celebrating the anniversary.

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