Bless Online shares details about the upcoming Assassin approaching from behind


People don’t tend to trust assassins all that much, and the Assassins of Bless Online are not likely to change that fact. They do all of the typical assassin things, after all; they sneak up behind people, stab them in the back, sneak around and all of that. But for players who enjoy that gameplay, they’ll be happy to know that the Assassin is due out in the near future, and you can learn more about said assassin in the latest producer’s letter right now.

The update will also contain the new Siege of Castra match, a 70 vs. 70 map that sees both factions fighting for dominance. And speaking of dominance, the new Dominion Contract system will allow guilds to designate lords of certain regions as part of the Capital War, so you can very briefly see yourself made into a respected face of nobility before being toppled at the edge of a sword. Excitement abounds!

Source: Steam

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I literally know of nobody who plays this game. There’s isn’t a single person in any of my guilds or clans who even tried it after hearing about the opening-day problems.

Kickstarter Donor

Even after the server merge the game is a graveyard.
You can walk away for 10 min and see the same 3 messages in chat when you come back.
In fact the game is so dead I don’t even see gold sellers.

Sad to say, but no matter what they do, I don’t think they will ever recover.


They are losing about 200 players a day. I think this will stop at around 500 players or so, maybe not even then.

Then Neowiz will start making free weekends with discounts, some people will join for the two free days, some may buy it, but after that population will still drop, then Neowiz will probably turn it into F2P, some people will join again, bur leave after a while, also those who bought it will probably be outraged by the F2P change and may quit. Then the game may shut down for good as Neowiz truly fucked it up or that was their plan all along – cash in and bail.

Kevin Németh

I know it’s not the “popular” opinion, but a thoroughly enjoyed the leveling experience in Bless. On thing though is that you NEED at least 1 player with you all the time in order to it to be enjoyable, which I didn’t mind as it is an MMORPG and socializing and playing with others is what I play the genre. So even though even I stopped playing (until later) I spent 200 hours in the game leveling up characters and doing hunting quests with a guild. So yeah I really enjoyed the first ~170 hour of the game. Will be interesting to see if they actually going to develop new and interesting content later on or they just recycle the cut out contents from other versions.