Cursed skeleton ships have been spotted on Sea of Thieves’ horizon


Soon enough you’ll have more to worry about in Sea of Thieves’ oceans than other players and bad-tempered kraken. Rumors have it that the skeletons have completed their seafaring courses and somehow procured a ship or two to bring the fight to you.

The Cursed Sails content update is on its way to the multiplayer pirate simulator, bringing with it “terrifying skeleton ships,” attacks on world outposts, and a new time-limited campaign. To give players another useful tool for this upcoming battle, Rare is adding the new three-person Brigantine ship for a mid-sized group option.

Before all that happens, Sea of Thieves has a few housekeeping issues to address. Patch 1.1.8 arrived on Thursday, bringing the Sunken Curse Bilge Rat adventure to an end, improving the game’s performance, and making the water inside of ships look and move better. Not that you want water to be inside your ship, mind you, but when you’re sinking to your death, at least you’ll be momentarily impressed at the graphics.

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Game is making some good progress. I’ll probably give it another go in an update or two


Yeah only thing you’re really missing out on is the time limited exclusive vanity items (some clothing, titles, etc.) but it’s possible they’ll become available in the future at some point.