The Elder Scrolls Online encourages players to visit Orsinium with its August event

All over.
It’s currently Midyear Mayhem in The Elder Scrolls Online, an event running until August 6th encouraging you to go hog wild on PvP. But perhaps even that isn’t enough to convince you to get into PvP combat. So maybe you’ll be more enticed to return to Orsinium with a special promotional event starting on August 2nd; you can pick up the base DLC for 750 Crowns (75% off!) and the collector’s edition for 2000 Crowns (60% off!), along with thematic housing items to boot.

But what if you already own it? Oh, there’s still an event running; through the duration of the Orsinium event you get double the items from harvesting nodes, double the chest rewards in the Maelstrom Arena, and double the rewards from daily quests in the area. So go ahead and double down on some Orc-related adventures while your rewards double up.

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Orsinium is good, if it had been released a year later it probably would have been a Chapter…


I’m sure your right and they are kicking themselves for not thinking about the chapter idea sooner.

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I dare say it was when they realised how good and extensive Orsinium was that they realised they couldn’t hope to reproduce that sort of content every quarter as a DLC free to subscribers.