WRUP: The narrator is inside the car edition

It's a car.

You think that you’ve gotten away at long last as you get into your car, blood oozing from the wound on your leg, but as you laugh in relief you realize your error. Yes, the narrator is inside of the car! He’s narrating your actions right now! He’s sitting right here. You’re looking back at him. He’s waving. The narrator is waving at you! He doesn’t have a weapon. In fact, the look on your face indicates that this is less terrifying and more annoying.

In a panic, you very slowly pull to the side of the road and call for the police on your cellular phone. “There’s a man in my car narrating my every action,” you say before you leave the car and take the keys. Now the narrator is trying to open the doors, but you have the child locks on! The narrator cannot breathe, it is too warm in this car! You should have rolled the windows down! Please let the narrator out to enter his answers into What Are You Playing.

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): Pokemon Go is happening, I hope. Trading has clogged up my storage, so it’s harder to play. Rend will probably see some attention too, as will another game you’ll have to wait to hear about (again).

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): Sooooo the Star Wars Galaxies Legend emulator currently has me. This week I’ve managed to do my dailies (they aren’t dailies, they are missions, but they are on a daily cap, so they are kinda like dailies) and earned enough cash to pick up a suit of Sentinel and a capped pistol for my Ithy Smuggy and that’s been fun! Now I’m turning my attention back to my crafter and then I need to get set up with a house and vendor and some factories and a shop. It’s gonna be a long process, but I am loving it so far!

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): Usual stuff in Final Fantasy XIV and Granblue Fantasy, alongside my new thing of the week with Octopath Traveler. It’ll be a pretty sedate weekend otherwise, I think, but that’s for the best.

Justin Olivetti (@Sypster, blog): I picked up No Man’s Sky this week because content updates, hype, and half-off sales are a dangerous to my wallet. I’ve been trying to figure it out and generally coming up with new ways to kill myself on alien worlds, so maybe that’s what I’ll be doing? Probably get in some time with Star Trek Online and Lord of the Rings Online as well.

Your turn!

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