God Eater Online is shutting down in September

Well, bye.

Sadly, it does not seem that God Eater Online really talks much about the experience of turning deific entities into snacks. If you were hoping to discover the unparalleled flavor of gods (possibly after they have been deep-fried), you will be disappointed. But not for much longer, as the game has announced that it will be shutting down in September in Japan. The title never made its way over to local shores, and under the circumstances that seems almost certain not to change.

God Eater Online launched on mobile in Japan back in February of 2017 and was based on the franchise of the same name, with players taking a variety of characters into active combat against monsters. The microtransaction store will be taken offline at the end of August, although for understandable reasons you may not wish to spend any money on it now, either. Our condolences to fans and developers affected by the shutdown.


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Danny Smith

Not that surprised. It was a bad mobage doing nothing good for the brand and with GE3 coming to PS4 and PC in the next year they have their new shiny to focus on and its probably going to prove more popular.

It may be always second place to monhun but if you want sci-fi post apocalyptic monster hunter its the best we got.


What do gods taste like?

My money is on chicken…

Daniel Miller

Well I am 50/50 on this. I bought GE 1/2 years ago on steam sale. I was enjoying the story, but it is not a single player game. The online crowd was gone. Spending 10-15 minutes hitting one mob was a time waster Never did finish the story but it seemed good.

It was this experience what I imagine Monster Hunter world will be like. But hey I think we still get God Eaters 3 soon!