MMO Week in Review: WoW’s War of Thorns (July 29, 2018)

Less than a sister act.
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World of Warcraft dropped War of Thorns this week, kicking off the commercials and prelude events for its Battle For Azeroth launch later this summer, and it hasn’t been without criticism, as players have pointed out significant plot flaws, community problems, and leveling slowdowns.

Meanwhile, No Man’s Sky launched NEXT to wide acclaim and refunded GOG players, Guild Wars 2 launched a throwback festival, Star Trek Online plotted a Discovery tie-in, Fractured successfully funded on Kickstarter, Camelot Unchained got a new beta date, and we took an extensive look at upcoming survival MMO Rend in three epic hands-on pieces.

Read on for the very best of this week’s MMO news and opinions.


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Warbringers: Jaina animated short delivers an emotional gut-punch in song

New Diablo bestiary Book of Adria due out in October from Blizzard

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It could be a combination of a) and b), but it seems pretty obvious it’s more likely to be b). I’m guessing that despite Blizzard trying their damnedest with Legion, it didn’t spark a huge boost in player subscriptions, so this is their next attempt to get more money out of players. Which, ironically enough, will probably do the exact opposite as pissed off players are far more likely to quit than buy an overpriced boost for every character.

Bryan Turner

Lmao after 14 years even casuals like me have multiple high level characters. Boosts are not necessary, just do group finder if you’re suffering that much or build to be tanker.


Clearly you haven’t leveled under the current system. If you think it’s fine, you’re just wrong, no two ways about it. Even Blizzard has come out and said that it’s not currently right.

I have a dozen max level characters as well, but they were all done before these changes. The character I’m currently leveling is going to stay parked at their current level until they fix this mess.


Clearly everyone has been playing for 14 years and has multiple high level characters. lmao.

(The fact that I’ve been playing for almost that long and do have multiple high level characters in no way proves you right.)