Diablo franchise history book Stay Awhile and Listen nears the end of its Kickstarter


Has it really been a month since we covered Stay Awhile and Listen, the second volume in David Craddock’s history of Blizzard’s development of Diablo? It has, and that means the Kickstarter is almost up. As TAGN noted, the book’s Kickstarter is down to three days to go but still needs about $2400 as I type this to meet its dirt cheap print goal of $12,000. At this price, the research and writing itself is purely community service. The paperback version of the book comes at the $30 pledge level, though you can pick up a digital version for just $10. Fans of our own The Game Archaeologist might want to give this a look.

“Stay Awhile and Listen: Book II – Heaven, Hell, and Secret Cow Levels is a documentary-style book that continues my trilogy chronicling the history of Blizzard Entertainment and Blizzard North. It picks up with the release of Diablo in 1997 and culminates at a crucial event in the summer of 2003 that saw Blizzard North co-founders David Brevik and Max and Erich Schaefer depart their company.”

The first book in the series is also available on Amazon for the same price as the sequel, though if you want the whole history, you’re gonna need both.

Worth noting: MOP reader CasualSlacks inquired with the author about an audiobook, and yes, there will indeed be one.