Crowfall demonstrates the glory of its seasons


It might not be a nice round number (or decimal point), but Crowfall’s Update 5.7 promises to be one of the most significant the game has fielded to date.

Much of the excitement for 5.7 comes from the PvP MMO’s very first procedurally generated world, which is named Aerynth. It’s in this setting that both the day/night cycle and seasonal progression will take place, affecting the landscape, bonuses, and debuffs. Oh, and the hunger system is live too, causing some testers to have rumbly tummies.

Since so much of this update centers around visuals, it’s great that ArtCraft has put together a patch overview video to show off what this world and its seasons look like. Check it out below!

Source: Crowfall

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Bit odd that they’re doing “night” as a Hunger mechanic..and even the whole crystals thing. I thought they were going to make it gradual overtake with a Winter being a “everything that is not a Crow spirit is infected with the hunger and you’re pretty much screwed from here on out” before finally the campaign ends?

Frank White

I don’t know, but seems like I’ve been seeing these updates for the game for half of eternity now. Is there a semi-solid projected release date for this thing yet?


Funny thing is that no….5.7 isn’t even up as of this typing though the whole video and article claims it to be. Also with 5.6.3 there’s still login issues and server connectivity trouble. Nowhere near ready for release.

flamethekid .

they said they would but i think this is just the first introduction not the full release of the hunger