Bless Online shares more about the Assassin class and holding dominion


Very soon, players of Bless Online will get to try their hands at playing an Assassin, but why wait until the patch arrives? The latest update on Steam gives off a few more details about the new class and the new systems arriving in the game in just a couple of days. Assassins are confirmed to use light or medium armor, with daggers as their preferred weapons (of course) and bonuses applied for correctly attired Assassins. Players will also choose between stances like the Assassinate stance which increases damage from behind or the Poison stance which hits harder against poisoned targets.

Those not interested in assassination should look into the new Dominion Contract system, which allows guild leaders to bid for control of a region. Winning the bid and holding the territory for an extended period of time awards Reign Points, which can be exchanged for various useful gewgaws; however, you can also lose your spot by the sword instead of by bidding. Check out the full update for the Reign Points shopping list and more details on the bidding time periods.

Source: Steam
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