Elder Scrolls Legends’ new studio is ‘rebuilding Legends from the ground up’


Back in May, Bethsoft surprised Elder Scrolls Legends players with a big announcement: It was ending its partnership with Dire Wolf Digital, which was the original dev studio behind the Elder Scrolls flavored online card game. In its place, Bethsoft would be bringing in a studio dubbed Sparkypants to handle the “future development and ongoing support for the game.” At the time, Bethsoft was promising new features and “competitive scene support,” and then, just a few weeks later ar E3, the company announced a graphics overhaul and port to Xbox One, PS4, and the Switch.

According to a new dev blog out today, Sparkypants’ rework is far more extensive; the companies say they’re “rebuilding Legends from the ground up with brand-new code,” though existing accounts will retain all their progress and achievements. The studio is also focused on a new story expansion and a “new thematic set of standalone cards that will add some interesting new wrinkles to the game’s meta and get players trying new deck compositions” with a focus “on designing ‘big’ cards that will see a lot of play.”

“While the cards and gameplay will remain identical, this effort will improve the look and feel of Legends while building a thinner client that is easier to update and improve with long-requested community features.”

The relaunch doesn’t have a date yet, but we do know it won’t interfere with the grand finals of the game’s Legends Masters series, and we can probably expect a bigger announcement at QuakeCon.

If you follow the game on Twitch, be advised that Bethsoft now says it will be disabling Twitch drops for streamers who merely rebroadcast old content and blacklisting said streamers.

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Well. Guess I’ll stop playing until this happens.


YOu know, I tried this and its pretty good.
I encourage anyone to give it s shot.


love the game. cant stand watchign streams tho so i guess im relegated to getting less drops than people that like to watch and play. that’s cool.


Sparkypants? Really? Dear Lord, what has become of us.


A job is a job, but I would have a tough time listing “Sparkypants” anywhere on my resume:

“Well, Mr. Hirku, based on your five years at Sparkypants, I think you would be a fine addition to the team here at Doodyhead.”