EVE Online is hard at work on fixing downtime and mitigating DDOS attacks

Cluster of stuff.
All of the balance changes in the world won’t help EVE Online players if the game’s servers are down, and considering that the game only has the one server (by design) there’s only one server to go down. As it turns out, this summer has been particularly busy for the game, prompting a new development entry about the game’s ongoing database and login issues. The team is aware of them too, and between DDoS attacks, older code, players congregating for specific battles, and simple server issues, sometimes you aren’t allowed into the epic space battles just due to old-fashioned hardware issues.

The team is working on fixing this, though; there’s a task force working on investigating the login and chat server issues, for example, and the DDoS mitigation is being stepped up for future incidents. Similarly, new hardware is on order and headed for the game’s server farm, so players will know that there are more servers ready to handle the load if things start blowing up. If you’ve been affected by the login issues, we encourage you to read the whole entry to see what CCP Games is doing about the problem.

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