Global Chat: The ‘We Don’t Play World of Warcraft’ Club


What do you do when you don’t play World of Warcraft but everyone else all around you does and won’t stop talking about it because there’s a new expansion coming out? You try to find like-minded souls and start up a club, that’s what!

“If you do not play WoW or at least have some sort of history with it, you can find yourself in some kind of quasi MMO community minority group. It’s an ‘odd’ phenomenon,” said Contains Moderate Peril.

“I really don’t even know what the story other than Alliance vs. Horde,” admitted I’m Not Squishy. “Sometimes it can feel like I’m there’s a big gap in my gaming vocabulary.”

Believe it or not, this whole column isn’t just about World of Warcraft today, so dive in to read some gamer essays on Wizard101, Dark Age of Camelot, Elder Scrolls Online, and more!

Inventory Full: Something changed in Wizard101

“Updating the graphics for an aging MMORPG is a risky undertaking. Sometimes the changes can be almost too subtle to see, as in Guild Wars’ recent refurbishment. Sometimes they can be eye-popping, as in EverQuest’s infamous Freeport rebuild. Mostly they don’t make an awful lot of difference, failing to convince potential new players that anything much has changed while mildly irritating veterans, who grumble a little but then carry on as though nothing had happened.”

Barely Readable Diary: Always the pride of our nation’s eyes

“Here’s the thing. I’m not a roleplayer, I don’t play on a roleplay server, and my guild is Totally Not an RP Guild. But I do have little bits of headcannon for most of my characters, especially my Druid.” Summer festivities

“Back to Rift, the lockboxes filled with all the cool stuff are not hanging about this year. Thanks, Trion! I was able to pick up some really neat items such as bunny ears, a hula outfit and that amazing chariot carried by a winged angelic creature. Finally head cosmetics that don’t make you look bald, epic stuff there! Lots of great items to collect this year with both events. I’m having a blast. Rift is one of my all time favorite games, and one I can boast of actually being in beta with, so I go over the moon when we get new stuff on LIVE SERVERS. ”

Retro MMO Gamer: State of the game with DAoC

“I have mixed feelings about this, on the one hand I am all for more players experiencing the thrills of DAoC and about the possibility of having more people try out the game. On the other hand, I worry about the overall population being impacted on the main Ywain server.”

I’m Not Squishy: Tower down

“After running this mission another 4 times with no progress being made I was getting a bit frustrated. Back to the internet. I found another recent thread where the solution was to not even talk to Tonn to start the mission and instead go around and kill everything on the map and then start the mission. It was this last attempt that worked for me.”

GamingSF: Buff food benefits

“Eating some of the purple quality food that I’d received I was slightly taken-aback at just how much my character’s health, mana, and stamina bars increased in width. The item really seemed to almost double their size! Regardless of the actual increase, ESO does tend to show key combat stats in relative (% of total) terms not in real numbers, the effect was very noticeable. My Dragonknight was suddenly shaking off damage from fighting multiple creatures a lot easier than normal.”

Every day there are tons of terrific, insightful, and unusual articles posted across the MMO gaming blogosphere — and every day, Justin reads as many as he can. Global Chat is a sampling of noteworthy essays, rants, and guides from the past few weeks of MMO discourse.
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Dušan Frolkovič

I played WoW twice, once at the end of BC, did not even reach the max cap (IRL reasons though, not the games fault). Second time was 2 months after Legion launched. Leveled to cap, did a little bit of endgame farming and wandered off again. Just nothing to stick around.

I will give it one thing, from the hotkey based bunch (WoW, Lotro, SWTOR, FFXIV) this was the only one i was able to play for a longer time. The others just put me to sleep (personal problem though)

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Schlag Sweetleaf



I’ve been a player since 2004 and Legion was the first expansion I barely played. BFA will be the same. I hate what they did to the game, it is not an MMO anymore. I’d say it is closer to an AARPG, especially since the Diablo devs were added to the WoW team.

John Artemus
John Artemus

WoW was pretty much my main MMO from 2005 to this year. With extended breaks every now and then. But the current direction of the game and the whole Allied Races rep grind thing was sort of the last straw for me. They are gating EVERYTHING now because of time played metric. Even stuff that’s been in the game for years.

So, I didn’t purchase BFA and haven’t played the game in months. Whenever the Allied Race rep grind was announced. That’s when I cancelled my sub.

I’m actually glad I did because if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have gotten hooked on FFXIV, which has been my main game ever since. It’s an imperfect game as well, but it checks all the right boxes for me.


I’ve never played even a minute of WoW (though I did play some of the old Warcraft strategy games 14+ years ago), but that’s never made me feel excluded. There are (and have been) so many popular MMOs that almost all of us have a history with some of them but not with others. Talking about the games I do play is much more interesting than talking about all the games I don’t!

Alex Hyer

I never even made it to level 20 in this game.

I’ve always disliked it. It put me to sleep from the start. Boring as hell… in my opinion.


Just about every real life friend who ever played WoW has left, and isn’t returning for BfA. So, in my corner of the world it’s kinda the opposite; someone playing WoW would be the odd one out.


2nd wow expac in a row that I have not bought! does that get me VIP membership to the club?? any other perks?


I’ve played WoW for over a decade now and although my interest has declined the last few expansions I still bought each one however this time my interest is at an all-time low so this is the first expansion I won’t be buying even though a group of friends are continuing to play.

When FFXIV re-launched back in 2013 I joined that club too and have been playing it on and off alongside WoW so I’ll just continue to play and focus more on that. FFXIV and its dev team tick all the right boxes for me these days however I hope the next expansion doesn’t have a predictable content release schedule like Stormblood has had.

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I am probably pretty weird for a gamer.

I’ve been an MMORPG player since 1998, but never played WoW. Not even a trial. Heck, I’ve been a PC gamer since the late 80s, but never played any Blizzard game at all.

My first console was the Atari 2600, my second was the original NES… and from there I skip to the PS3. Related, the only Final Fantasy I’ve played was XIV.