Conan Exiles releases Jewel of the West pack, teases upcoming pet patch


Nobody tell MJ about this Conan Exiles update because we’ll never see her again – she’ll just be logged in there playing with all the cuddly critters for eternity.

Yes, Funcom took the wraps off its upcoming pet system for Conan Exiles this week. “To begin rearing an animal, you will need to obtain a baby or an egg,” Funcom explains. “These can be found in the world, and on certain (rare) vendors. To pick up a baby animal in the world, simply press the interaction button when you have it targeted. Eggs will hatch after a certain amount of time and produce live offspring, which will sit in your inventory. Baby animals will decay over time, so it’s best to convert them to ‘proper pets’ in the animal pens unless you want to be a total monster and kill baby animals. You’re not a monster, are you?”

Before we get too far into “proper pets,” know that the list of tameables includes everything from crocs to locusts.

Meanwhile, Funcom has also released the Jewel of the West pack for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One players; it includes a ton of new Aquilonian-themed building bits, weapons, armor, warpoints, and placeables.

Source: Official site. Cheers, Kinya.
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