Crowfall explains its new capture system with outposts

Taaake ooooon meeee

As you roam through the world of Crowfall, there will be various points of interest. Sometimes they’ll be obvious resource nodes, yes, but sometimes they’ll be things like the new outposts available in the latest test patch. A new entry on the official site explains that these structures are another part of procedural generation, giving players something new to explore and fight over out in the open world.

Outposts are available in three sizes: war banners, single-tower, and double-tower. (The last variant isn’t present in the current patch, but should be arriving soon.) Standing in the designated circle at each spot allows you to capture the outpost, which allows even solo players to feel as if they’re providing a meaningful contribution to their factions. Check out the full article for a bit more detail on these helpful little nuggets of victory points.