Lineage II is launching Etina’s Fate update on August 22, retooling the exp grind curve


Lineage II! The original! Well, the original sequel. It’s getting an update! In three weeks!

“The next major update for Lineage II and the conclusive chapter of Salvation is coming August 22! Salvation: Etina’s Fate will call seasoned adventurers to the ultimate battle against the Head of the Embryo, Etis van Etina, as well as provide additional new content and quality-of-life updates.”

NCsoft says that players can expect “additions and improvements” for the hunting grounds, a new daily instance, tweaks to level ranges in multiple zones, a new dungeon, updated raid boss encounters, eight new field raid bosses, new story quests, new daily quests, and new craftables. Class skills will be reset, and maybe best of all, NCsoft says that it’s “reducing the amount of EXP needed to reach Lv. 110 to prepare you for new adventures in future updates that will be tailored specifically for Lv. 110 and higher characters.”