MMO Community Roundup: Battle for Azeroth bookclub, Secret World fashion show, Ashes of Creation map investigation, and RuneScape Classic preservation


The communities for MMORPGs are what keep these games vibrant and awesome, and today we want to shine a spotlight on various projects and activities that players are running this week.

The MMO Bookclub has decided that it will be gathering its community together to play World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth during the month of August. Well, the second half of the month, at least.

Over at Secret World Legends, the community is putting on a benefit fashion show on August 4th to raise money for Lupus awareness. It’s a good excuse as any to spend hours pouring over cosmetic options! (Thanks, Hikari!)

One intensely devoted Ashes of Creation fan did some amazing detective work to figure out some of the details of the game’s Alpha 1 region map. It was apparently spot-on because the game’s actual creators praised the analysis.

Finally, with this month’s shutdown of RuneScape Classic, one fan is calling on others to help preserve the game’s history by taking specific screenshots of the game’s iconic locations and sights.


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Jeffery Witman

Between the fashion shows, bike rides, and PvP contests, the Secret World players are, firmly, still my favorite community in the gaming world.


You do realize that Isarii is a mod at Ashen Foundry (a fan site) and has nothing to do with Intrepid Studios correct?