Revelation Online plans to join the Steam parade

Not wanting to be left out of the party — and the expected profits — of joining up with Steam, Revelation Online has announced that it will be coming to the platform. When will that happen? That’s the one question that isn’t answered in the rather long announcement post, but we can assure you that it’s forward in our timeline rather than backward.

“We can all agree that these are exciting times for Revelation Online as it prepares to receive new players from Steam,” said. “We will be celebrating the Steam launch of the game with special competitions and prizes, so stay tuned over the coming week for more details as they are released.”

Revelation Online is currently calling players to arms with its Colosseum III PvP event. Players can climb over each other’s corpses to the top of a ladderboard and earn special prizes. Hurry up, as this all ends on August 7th!


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