The Elder Scrolls Online details the monsters of Moon Hunter Keep

Hunt that moon, you crazy weirdos.
The inhabitants of Moon Hunter Keep in The Elder Scrolls Online do not, in fact, hunt the moon. They hunt werewolves, which is also pretty cool. Of course, we should say the prior inhabitants of Moon Hunter Keep, because the Order of the Silver Dawn has lost control of their stronghold and it’s being fortified by the ancient werewolf known as Vykosa. So players will need to get into the keep, smack a whole lot of werewolves, and then serve Vykosa an eviction notice at the business end of a battleaxe.

Unfortunately, that means that you’ll have to deal with all of the built-in defenses of Moon Hunter Keep like its narrow hallways and careful chokepoints under the control of several ravenous werewolves, meaning numerous ambushes and enemies herding you into contained spaces. Check out the full preview on the official site to get a sense of how dangerous it will be to remove the werewolves from their new bolthole.