Citadel: Forged With Fire reignites today


It’s almost like a brand-new game altogether.

Tomorrow will witness a massive revamp for the multiplayer magic sandbox Citadel: Forged With Fire. The team has been building up to the Reignited update for a good long while now, stoking the community’s excitement for what promises to be a huge step forward for this early access title.

Reignited will introduce a brand-new system of “dynamic spellcrafting,” the cooking profession, farming, full character customization, raid balance, PvP notifications, a HUD and UI overhaul, more and varied quests, visual improvements, and a full balance pass to most of the game’s key systems.

“This massive new content drop represents the beginning of a new phase in Citadel’s early access development, and we can’t wait to have it live and available for all to play and enjoy,” said the developers. “This will be especially exciting for PVE players, as they will now be able to play all the newest incarnation of the game on full PVE official servers.”

Source: Steam. Thanks Kinya!
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Dug From The Earth

This game needs one of those free steam weekends so people can try before buying.

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Nice! I’ve been dabbling occasionally in Citadel and thought it showed potential. I’m looking forward to checking this out over the weekend…