Elder Scrolls Online’s Wolfhunter launches August 13: Here’s all the werewolf stuff you should do in the meantime

Are you prepared for Elder Scrolls Online’s upcoming Wolfhunter DLC? If not, you should probably take a peek at ZeniMax’s guide, which is a tad cheesy admittedly but does include some useful tips for what you should clean up ahead of the werewolf-themed content drop. Probably the most hand tip is to zip through the Fighter’s Guild questing.

“This includes mastering the powerful Abilities of the Fighters Guild Skill Line. This Skill Line is designed to help you combat Undead, Daedra, and Werewolves, and is ideal for the battles ahead. Abilities like Trap Beast are a no-brainer, allowing you to stop a werewolf mid-pounce and deal some nice damage-over-time. However, you could also make good use of Silver Bolts and its morph Silver Leash, allowing you to reduce a beast’s movement speed AND pull them towards you.”

The rest of the suggestions are more in the vein of preparing for the dungeon avalanche (like make sure your regular group is set) or getting into the spirit of things with completing the Faolach questline, picking up themed gear, or contracting lycanthropy by being bitten by a werewolf (or cursed player) yourself. The update launches in just 10 days, so best get started!

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